Discover Fine Pianos at Neff's Pianos in Chippewa Falls, WI

For the best in piano sales and service visit Neff's Pianos. We have the largest selection of name brand pianos and we understand that purchasing a piano is a great investment. Let our experts guide you through the process of choosing a piano to last throughout the years.

Take a Look At Our Piano Gallery!

Large Grands -- 6 1/2 to 9 feet long -- for Churches, Stages, Schools, and Spacious Homes

Baldwin D Concert Grand
Baldwin D - rebuilt
Steinway B
Steinway B - refurbished
Yamaha C7 
Yamaha C7 - reconditioned
Kawai RX-A
Kawai RX-A - reconditioned

Grand Pianos -- 6 to 6 1/2 feet long -- for Large Rooms

Steinway A Rosewood
Steinway A Rosewood - rebuilt
Young Chang G185
Young Chang G185 - refurbished
Young Chang PG185
Young Chang PG185 - new

Mid-size Grand Pianos -- 5 to 6 feet long

Mason & Hamlin A
Mason & Hamlin A - rebuilt
Yamaha G2
Yamaha G2 - reconditioned
Yamaha G2 Walnut
Yamaha G2 Walnut - refurbished
Baldwin R  Walnut
Baldwin R Walnut - Refurbished
Baldwin M
Baldwin M - Rebuilt
Young Chang Y175
Young Chang Y175 - NEW

Baby Grand Pianos -- 5 feet long and less

Yamaha G1 Walnut
Yamaha G1 Walnut  - refurbished
Conover  - Rebuilt 

Studio and Professional Size Upright Pianos -- 48 inches high or more

Yamaha U3 
Yamaha U3  - reconditioned
Yamaha U1 
Yamaha U1  - reconditioned
Kawai KS-1F
Kawai KS-1F - reconditioned
Kingsburg KU-120
Kingsburg KU-120 - NEW
Fridolin F-121-120
Fridolin F-121-120 - NEW
Kingsburg KU-125
Kingsburg KU-125 - NEW
Kingsburg KU-120
Weber W-120

School Style Studio Pianos -- 44 to 46 inches high with double wheels

Kawai 506N 
Kawai 506N  -  refurbished
Yamaha P22 
Yamaha P22  -  refurbished
Yamaha P202
Yamaha P202  -  refurbished
Baldwin Studio ES
Baldwin Studio ES  -  refinished
Baldwin Walnut Studio
Baldwin Walnut Studio  -  refurbished
Baldwin 243C 
Baldwin 243C  -  refurbished
Young Chang Y-116 
Young Chang Y-116  -  NEW

Console Pianos -- 42 to 44 inches high

Yamaha M-1A 
Yamaha M-1A  - refurbished
Yamaha LU-11
Yamaha LU-11  refurbished
Baldwin 44 in. Console
Baldwin 44" Console  - refurbished
Kimball Oak Console 
Kimball Oak Console  - refurbished
Story & Clark Console
Story & Clark Console  refurbished

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